Introducing CleanVid, the world’s first fully automated multiple platform video ad-skipping and filtering service.

CleanVid is a browser extension that will transform your chrome browser into a video ad-skipping and automated filtering machine.

Automatically Skip Video Ads

Skip video ads automatically on Youtube, Youtube TV, Hulu, IMDB TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Sony Crackle, Roku, and SlingTV.

Fast Automated Filtering

Reading the closed caption file, CleanVid can automatically detect bad words and mute them for you. Don’t worry you can turn this off if you want to. This works on Youtube, Youtube TV, Hulu, IMDB TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Sony Crackle, Roku, and SlingTV, Prime Video, Netflix, Redbox, Movies Anywhere, Apple TV+, Fandango Now, and Disney+. You may add your own scenes to skip simply by clicking the i key.


Automatically Skip Video Ads

Automatically skip video ads! Sit back enjoy your videos without interruption, even fast forward live TV. 

Add Scenes To Skip

Don’t want to see a particular scene. You can skip or blur it. It’s as easy as pressing the i key or b key, you can even mute a scene by pressing the a key key.

Auto Mute Bad Words

Reading the closed caption file, Cleanvid automatically detects bad words and mutes them for you. It even replaces the bad word with an alternative word on screen.

Share Filters

Once your video is filtered, share your filters with friends simply by selecting them and clicking the share button.

Add Friends

Have some friends you want to share your filters with? Easy, just add them to your friends list.

Add Alternative Words

Need to add a word that is not on our list? Simply add your own words, our software will mute them too.

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